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Explore your
'I AM'

Norma Mitchell is an intuitive who has helped people for over 40 years as a spiritual counselor, medical intuitive, business consultant, medium, teacher and hypno-therapist with their spiritual and physical world journeys.

ONLY LOVE . . . .


            ONLY TRUTH . . . .


                  ONLY PEACE . . . .


                        ONLY ONE . . . .


                              ALL ELSE IS ILLUSION

Rock Balancing

Sessions with Norma can help you to:

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence 

  • Alter unproductive life patterns

  • Release past conditions which are blocking your success

  • Gain insight on your relationships and change the dynamics

  • Understand your health conditions and release past influences to heal unproductive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions to become healthier in mind, spirit, body and emotions


See where emotional patterns have begun in your life, and how to alter the influence of others to heal and create your own healthy belief system

Release conditions which limit your success in work, abundance, life, health, and Love

Norma communicates directly with your pets or other animals to help you understand what they are needing or wanting from you

Norma's Blog

Denver, Colorado

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