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Being...Who We Are

When we are first born, we remember our connection with our Creator as Wholeness, without separation.

As we come from our mother's body into the world we have agreed to experience for our lifetime, we feel that true sense of separation as an individual body in a world that is designed for us to experience an individual identity.

By the time we are learning how to use our voice, our limbs, our senses of space, time, realities of this planet which helps us understand the illusions of separation, we begin to forget the awareness of our Oneness with our Source.

These conditions are further complicated by the emotions we experience in the people around us. We feel their Love and their pain, their joy and their sadness, their peacefulness or their anger--any emotions that expand our awareness of who they are as people.

When we, as infants, become overwhelmed by the emotions of others we may retreat within ourselves and experience the unity with Our Creator again.

Sometimes though, we react to our distress at being wet, hungry, isolated and ignored by crying for attention and help in the outer world rather than within.

We also may turn to others who are a part of our spiritual connections, the beings who are there to help us remember our spiritual origin and that we are never abandoned to being in the conditions we as a soul have chosen to experience.

Some of these beings are there to guide us through our own emotional responses. Some are there as playmates to remind us that we are here to experience joy, Love and laughter. And some are angelic beings or masters who help us remember that we are divine beings who have chosen to be here to utilize Love to show ourselves and each other how to live that Love in a world with its illusion of separation.

When we accept that we are always connected through Love with our Source, we can also accept that we are a part of that Source at our core.

Even if we don't understand exactly why we've chosen to be here--in a planet whose people pride themselves on individuality and separation--we are going through the process of remembering who we are and getting closer to that Oneness that is our truth.

This isn't easy to practice, since we are taught to compete and isolate ourselves from each other in the pursuance of individuality and excellence as people.

Scientists have told us this whole universe is made up of Energy. That this Energy simply is. That even though we have accustomed ourselves to the idea that we “see”, “touch”, and experience the various items in our planet as solid or material forms, they are actually atoms and molecules in a perpetual state of motion.

Many of us don't “see” this Energy, much as we don't see the air we breathe. We accept that air is the one substance that our bodies cannot do without for more than several moments.

Let's consider that this Energy is also something that we cannot do without. Without It, nothing is--including us.

This Life Force is the whole of life and everything that is. We see Its Love for us in the opportunities and guidance It has provided throughout our lives.

We may not always want to hear or follow that guidance, yet we see that when we do, we are able to experience our dreams, find the peace we search for within, and realize we can gift and receive Love in various ways throughout our lives.

In a world where we are accustomed to having what we want more and more instantly, do you trust The One to provide what you want even when you may not receive what you want at the moment and in the way you want?

This is called faith. Without it, we are at the mercy of our fears and our issues with control.

When we accept The One is within us--as well as being everything that is--and that we are part of Its expression of Life through Love, we enable ourselves to see who we really are as a part of that Whole.

This allows us to trust our Creator to guide us to healthier choices, enabling us to act as co-creators for happier, more successful lives. Then we remember and accept we are part of the Oneness of Love so that we can live Love rather than pain.

In Love and Light,


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