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I've never done this before, what do I need to give you?

I don't need you to tell me anything, unless you want to ask specific questions or to start with a particular area.  I can also start with what I'm hearing about you from Spirit, God, Creator...whatever you call the Oneness we are.


I think I'm supposed to be or do something special in my life.  Can you help me understand what my purpose is here?

Yes, you brought in...(abilities...knowledge...your plan is...whatever the person needs to know about how they want to experience this life)


What kind of questions can you answer?

I answer questions you have about improving various areas of your life....relationships; work/career; health; your life plan; information about other lives you've lived; your spiritual development; limitations with prosperity/abundance, success, inner child programing...all areas of the human life experience.


How do I know that you're not like the psychics that tell me what I want to hear or things that I'm afraid of happening in my life?

When anyone stays in the psychic arena, rather than listening to Source (since the word 'psychic' means of the mind') they are practicing 'telepathy'.  They are reading the thoughts (particularly the hopes and fears) of the other person.  

The information I receive has more about what took place in a person's life which led to the current conditions, as well as how to alter any limitations to bring about different outcomes.

What if I don't like what you tell me? 

We are given free will to change our thoughts, beliefs and actions. This creates the direction of our energy and, ultimately, where our life is going. We are constantly creating the lives we are living, and sometimes we need to alter them by choosing to move in healthier...albeit different...directions.

What about health and safety precautions during this pandemic?

For safety during Covid conditions, in-person appointments are only available at the Shining Lotus Bookstore, where the owners have limited the number of people in the store; there is a room set up with plexiglass between me and the client; everyone is required to wear masks; and as much as I like giving...and receiving...hugs during what we called "normal times", there is no physical contact of any kind.

I have a phone session set up with you. Do you call me?

No, my clients are expected to call me at the appointed time, and I will be set up with my recorder and ready to channel whatever information you are needing at the time.

I have not received my recording of my session. What should I do?

Send me an email at to alert me of the problem and I will rectify the issue. (Most of the time I have a wrong character in your email address on file, and by sending me an email first, I can correct your address more easily.)

(I will add more later as I can.) Updated 2022-10-17

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