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Norma’s focus is to “Help people help themselves”, guiding them through increased personal awareness to enhance their spiritual growth. 

She has used her intuitive abilities with her love of people for over 40 years to assist them to release and heal their past through personal counseling, regression and hypno-therapy, and business consulting.  Norma also works as a trance channel, medium, pet and medical intuitive, teacher and writer.

Norma has been a member of OPRA (Organization of Psychic Research Associates) and has spoken to many metaphysical, community and church groups.  Her seminars and workshops have included spiritual development, color therapy, healing, positive programming and regression, and hypno-therapy release work. 

Moving to the metro Denver area thirty years ago, Norma continued her work with assisting others to see who they really are, focusing on what they have learned, and grown themselves to understand about Love and the oneness they have with their Creator.

She helps people to remember and examine their authentic self and the purpose for some of the experiences they wished to have in their lives.

As a child I had the usual 'imaginary friends'.  One was a bear who used to comfort and support me regularly, who lived under the cellar stairs. There was also an angel who would come when I was sad or hurting and he would tell me he was there to help. I grew up out in the country on an acreage so we always had dogs, cats and chickens.  Plus, my uncle on an adjoining acreage had a more exotic menagerie with a Llama, a spider monkey, peacocks, pheasants, quail, bees, a stallion only he could ride, a cow and his pond had crawdads and water moccasins.
“I always had an affinity for animals and frequently communicated with them through what I eventually learned was
called 'mental telepathy'.

When I was a little girl, I went to God regularly for comfort and support, even when I didn't want to be here.  I

remembered choosing my life, and I even remember choosing to go through things that I knew other people went through so I would know how they really felt. There never was a real belief that God was anything other
than Love, and I remember being sad in church when the minister told us we were all sinners and that God would punish us for doing things that were “bad”.  I was only five, but I told everyone who would listen to me that that wasn't true. That God loved us and wouldn't punish us when we were sorry for hurting ourselves and each other.
Norma has believed all through her life that with God all things were possible, even when she didn't have things easy herself.

“I believe that we choose to experience some conditions that are like a test to see if we are living what we believe is
Love, or we are choosing to experience pain instead.  Some of my own experiences weren't easy. I even went through a time where I wondered if I had disappointed God since there were so many difficulties in my life.

“We always have the choice to hear Our Creator's guidance from within.  This inner voice or nudge never tells us we have to do something...rather It helps us look at the opportunities to make healthier choices and encourages us to see we can move forward easier when we are in the flow of life through Love for ourselves as well as each other.”
Norma looks at the panoramic view of your life here, from examining the influence of other lives, the explorations you and your Creator planned for the persona you would be, and what roles you would like to play in the production called Life on this planet.  

She helps you see who you really are, guides you to celebrate how you live and express Love, and encourages you to
look at choices you may have coming up to experience healthier relationships and job directions.

No matter what we have been or done at any point in our lives, we are always loved unconditionally by what we call Spirit, God, Creator, Source, Goddess, the I AM...or any other name.

We can choose to live from Love and experience a 'fresh start' by forgiving, loving and accepting ourselves and others, as well as understanding that we are all One.”

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