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Being... Free of Pain

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The experience of pain is our way of showing ourselves something is out of balance in our life. Whether the pain is physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, this pain shows us where to concentrate our attention to the healing of the pain's origin.

When we feel our imbalance, we are often tempted to seek relief by treating the symptoms rather than going to the source of our pain. The origin of our pain is where we need to start to heal - if we are to live without responding to catalysts for continuing that pain.

We always have options for changing the beliefs which stimulate this pain. We can have Love take the place of pain by forgiving ourselves, others – even God – for what we see as attacks, betrayal, abandonment, or whatever we believe we have suffered for this pain to exist.

We also can make different choices which allow us to move forward to different realities.

We could change our perspective of how we experienced the conditions emotionally, to having a different perception of what the people meant in what they said, or did. Even looking at what the conditions may be once we see them from our adult self instead of our wounded child's emotional experience.

This may be when we can look deeper into our emotions, rather than just looking at what took place.

We may even find ourselves examining our reality and seeing perhaps more of who we were at the time we experience the conditions.

We may even realize we are able to see how to reach out and comfort our wounded child by offering our unconditional Love and affection, allowing our child to be simply the child.

This often allows us to change our attitudes from being 'critical parent' to our child to being the protective loving parent.

We may also find we can actually support our child in being the innocent, loving, creative, and wonderful child he/she is, and we can choose conditions which our adult self wants to experience rather than making choices from our wounded child's desires.

We all have the duality of usually more than one wounded child – sometimes in several different ages and several scenes through our childhood – which have created the wounds.

Our inner children benefit from our acceptance of their importance in our lives, and our willingness to Love and nurture them to become healthy, happy children.

Many of us have attempted to ignore or criticize our children in order to become what we believe is a successful adult who sees the children's needs as indulgences, which when giving our child Love and attention, we might feel weak and ineffective as adults.

Actually, our Love and care for our inner children create a sense of Love and balance with ourselves, blending both the child and the adult to be the loving, creative, open person who sees his/her value, and the value of others as means to living Love, kindness, and peace in the world.

This healing allows us to be free of pain by releasing and forgiving ourselves and others, plus our healing effects others by that energy of Love to accept the release from their own past conditions.

This is an ongoing cycle, as we find peace about each condition of pain we have experienced, and we accept Love instead of pain.

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