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2021-01-21 Norma Mitchell's Channeled Message from the 'I AM'

“This is a time in which man has designed their world to reflect their emotions...and the hardships emotions cause when they are centered on pain.

“For you to understand and apply this information, you need to suspend all your conscious thoughts and be within your heart.

“Your heart is the receptacle of Love when you are created so that you have a focus of Love regardless of what takes place within your life there.

“When you choose your form and the experiences you wish to have there, you are also reminded of who you are as Love by the way your physical heart works in your form.

“Your heart typifies the flow of Love through all

Every part of your body is filled with Love and is never changed in the way it works in harmony with its various parts.

“You have my word that this is what man needs do to avoid the outcome of such pain and you have the ability to change conditions if you wish.

“Place your heart in my hands and release your pain for you are needing to replace this pain with Love.

“I have told you that all you need is Love.

“Love for yourself, as well as Love for all life forms, and what you want to have in your world as expressions of Love.

“Make yourself aware of who you are by accepting Love as your reality there, and let yourself be open fully to being Whole.

“You have nothing but Love if you will look inside your heart.

“Anything outside is simply illusion.

“Let me be the Whole of you, and remember you have no need to be other than who you are.

“Mankind is never without their hearts to remind them of who they are as One.

“You are no different.

“There has always been that awareness of what you think, how you believe you are, and what you do, can either be out of Love or out of your pain.

“How you choose to be in that form is simply your choice.

“You have never been limited in changing your plan of who you wish to be in any life there.

“Many of your choices have been made because of what your culture believes, or who your family decided to be in their lives.

“You have never been told by me that you have to believe anything in your world.

“You have chosen your families, your teachers, your friends, and others for what they were to influence you with in your life there.

“Sometimes, you've chosen to experience limitations in various ways to understand you could move beyond such limitations.

“You may even have chosen physical, mental or emotional limitations to move beyond...allowing yourself to overcome conditions and still live a full, successful life there.

“All that you are is always your choice.

“All that you experience is again, your choice.

“When these experiences have allowed you to understand and move beyond their apparent reality...and you wish to experience freedom from such can always do so.

“What you choose may not always allow you freedom from the process...or even the resulting outcome...yet you have the freedom to apply what knowledge you gain to move into a different direction in your life.

“Take seriously that Love will always be the solution you are looking for to any of your issues.

“Love for yourself...Love for others...Love for your world.

“Love has the power to open your heart to being there for yourself with forgiveness, or it writes a new script for the role you play and how your life proceeds.”

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