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Being...The Love We Are

Consider that we are here for a particular purpose at this time,

in this planet, and with those who are family, friends, co-workers,

and others who are a part of our life.

When we--as souls--and Spirit created our life, the creation was

for us to explore more about our giving and receiving Love through

being in the illusion of separate bodies and in a physical planet.

We all know what our experiences through Love have been so far,

yet we don't always consciously realize all the meanings of those


Some of us may have chosen to experience Love shown through

affection, healthy attention and support with our family of origin.

Others of us may have chosen to experience either emotional,

physical, mental or spiritual neglect or abuse from one or more

people in our families or authority figures.

When we choose the more visible experience of Love as affection

and healthy attention, we reinforce that the Love we know being one

with The All is able to be lived in our world.

This doesn't mean we will never experience people who are not

supportive of us though. We will usually have some people in our

lives who have experienced enough pain and neglect that they have

resorted to protecting themselves with anger, bitterness, and various

other ways to isolate themselves and/or their emotions. They may

have the belief that if they are suffering, others should suffer too.

We may even allow ourselves to be influenced by these wounded

people in how we see and experience life from their pain and the

expression of that pain.

Sometimes we are attracted to relationships with those who

mirror our own pain and we love that person in spite of (or because

of) their disappointments, painful experiences and their resulting


Why do we choose to experience conditions which seem to be the

opposite of Love?

One reason is so we will look beyond how we are being treated to

who we really are.

If we decide we must be “bad” because as children we don't

please our authority images, we may grow up to express attitudes of not caring about ourselves or others. We might choose to excel in

jobs or other material successes and base our value on what we attain

outside of our emotions.

Another reason is to develop compassion, understanding and

acceptance of others. There are many people who have gone through

emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain to be one of those who

help change the world--often influencing just one person at a time--

with Love, support and encouragement.

When we are wounded, we attract one or more of these people into

our lives to bring messages of support and Love to help us see and

understand our value.

These people appear in the role of a teacher, a friend, a lover,

a co-worker, an employer, even a random stranger who smiles or

compliments us for something when we need extra support when we feel


This encouragement can be the catalyst for us to forgive

ourselves, each other and even Spirit for what we have gone through

to understand ourselves and others better as beings of Love.

Love also allows us to forgive ourselves when we feel we want to

change our thoughts, beliefs, actions or reactions about people and

conditions around us. We can understand that who we have been in the

past no longer has to affect us in the now.

Other personalities of our souls in other lives might have

believed the gift of Love should be a sacrifice of his or her own

needs of shelter, food, or personal goals.

In this life, the soul may have chosen to express itself as

someone who refuses to give and accept Love because of her/his

emotional traumas in childhood. The intent may be to heal and

eventually open to love again, but also to help others have

opportunities to forgive and release their beliefs that people must

be who they want them to be in order to accept and Love them.

The conditions of our lives are usually more complex than we may

understand when we are working on how to accept others as they are,

Love them in spite of what they say or do, and especially accept that

we are all One.

These conditions are hard for us to understand when they involve

the souls who have chosen to play the perpetrators of such horrors as

Columbine, Matthew Shepard and many other situations that seem to

involve pure hatred.

Yet these roles these souls play are sometimes what wakes us up

to how much more important people are to us rather than things. That

we can see more value of those who play the roles of our family, our

friends, co-workers and even strangers.

Loving, respecting and honoring all life is why we are here,

using this planet with its illusions of separation in people and all

life forms. As actors in a 'larger than life' production of life,

some of us choose to play the antagonists as well as the

protagonists. Like professional actors, no one holds the roles we

play against us when we are back in the spiritual plane.

When we pass from our forms, we look at the life we have led and

see if we have Loved and accepted Love in the different ways we


As a medium and a regression therapist for over thirty-five

years, I have found those beings in the spiritual plane who may have

portrayed difficult roles in a life are at peace with self and

others. There is no anger, regret or pain of any kind for those who

have moved into the Light.

Their messages to those here are always loving and supportive.

Even though they may not have been able to express Love sufficiently

while they were in their forms, they often tell Loved ones they know

they didn't do as well with relationships as they wanted. That they

are available when they are needed, and their--and the Creator's

Love--is everlasting.

This is the way our authentic selves are as part of the One and

Its unconditional Love.

Perhaps we can allow ourselves that peace and Love here too.

In Love and Light,


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