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Upcoming 6 -Week "Releasing Limitations" Workshop on Zoom Starting July 18th, 2023

  • Why am I never satisfied with my life?

  • What do I have to do to be successful in a relationship?

  • How can I be happy?

  • Why does change scare me...even good ones?

Life isn’t always exactly what we imagine it can be, and relationships don’t always have ‘Happy ever afters’.

Sometimes we have to change our well as how we are proceeding in create different conditions for life to be more than we ever imagined.

This 6-week interactive Releasing Limitations Workshop focuses our attention on what we have become in our expansion of ourselves through our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, actions, and emotions.

In addition, each person has the opportunity through guided relaxations to release patterns which limit their perceptions of: who they are, their life, the people around them, and the illusions of their realities.

Share ideas with others and open your hearts to hearing who you are as Spirit. Then, feel your powers of creation emerge, as you set and keep boundaries as well as exploring solutions to your question of “What’s next?”

The Releasing Limitations Workshop begins Tuesday July 18th through August 22th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm Mountain Time. Reserve your space with a credit/debit card for $300 per person, which includes a private half-hour Intuitive phone session.

If financial conditions limit your participation in any of my Sessions,

Please Call (303) 847-6942

to make arrangements which work for both of us.

Additional workshops are coming soon! Ask to be on our Contact List for

further information.

I’m looking forward to this sharing of information and Love with you!

In Love and Light,


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